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Altolamprologus calvus
Altolamprologus compressiceps

Benthochromis tricoti

Callochromis macrops
Callochromis melanostigma
Callochromis pleurospilus

Chalinochromis brichardi
Chalinochromis popelini

Ctenochromis horei

Cyathopharynx foae
Cyathopharynx furcifer

Cyphotilapia frontosa

Cyprichromis leptosoma
Cyprichromis sp. "leptosoma jumbo speckleback rainbow"
Cyprichromis microlepidotus

Enantiopus melanogenys

Eretmodus cyanostictus
Eretmodus sp. "cyanostictus full bar"

Gnathochromis permaxillaris

Julidochromis dickfeldi
Julidochromis marlieri
Julidochromis ornatus
Julidochromis regani
Julidochromis transcriptus

<Lamprologus> brevis
<Lamprologus> calliurus
<Lamprologus> caudopunctatus
<Lamprologus> multifasciatus
<Lamprologus> ocellatus
<Lamprologus> similis
<Lamprologus> speciosus
<Lamprologus> stappersi

Lepidiolamprologus hecqui
Lepidiolamprologus elongatus
Lepidiolamprologus meeli

Neolamprologus brichardi
Neolamprologus buescheri
Neolamprologus crassus
Neolamprologus cylindricus
Neolamprologus falcicula
Neolamprologus kungweensis
Neolamprologus leleupi
Neolamprologus marunguensis
Neolamprologus nigriventris
Neolamprologus pulcher
Neolamprologus savoryi
Neolamprologus sexfasciatus
Neolamprologus signatus
Neolamprologus tetracanthus
Neolamprologus tretocephalus

Ophthalmotilapia nasuta
Ophthalmotilapia ventralis

Paracyprichromis nigripinnis


Tanganicodus irsacae

Telmatochromis vittatus

Triglachromis otostigma

Tropheus annectens
Tropheus sp."black"
Tropheus brichardi
Tropheus duboisi
Tropheus sp."ikola"
Tropheus moorii
Tropheus sp."red"

Variabilichromis moorii

Xenotilapia flavipinnis
Xenotilapia ochrogenys
Xenotilapia sp. "papilio sunflower"
Xenotilapia spilopterus

Non cichlids
Aethiomastacembelus ellipsifer
Brycinus sp."tiger"
Synodontis multipunctatus
Synodontis petricola

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Cyathopharynx foae

Photo © Michael Persson
Cyathopharynx foae, juvenile male.

Trade names and synonyms
Cyathopharynx sp."furcifer dark", Ectodus foae, Cyathopharynx grandoculius.

Size and appearance
Males could reach a size of approx. 18 cm (7 in.), females are significant smaller and more elongated.

Shrimpmix, their natrual feed consists of diatoms.

They need plenty of space, especially the bottom area has to be wide. The aquarium should not be smaller than 500 litres (110 gal.) so that chased and stressed fishes could get away.

Occurs in the intermediate zone between rocks and sandy floors, at depths from 3 to 20 metres (9-60 ft.).

There has to be several females per male in the tank, otherwise the females will get too stressed. The male builds a nest of sand at the top of a rock and attempt with intense to entice females to the nest. The female lives in schools above the rocks in open water. When a female has been enticed to the nest the spawning proceeds as in the ordinary manner for sanddwelling mouthbrooders.

Cyathopharynx foae is very close related to Cyathopharynx furcifer.
The egg-spots are marked at the end of the males long extracted vantral fins. A completely breeding colourated male is a real juwel in a Tanganyika tank. Wildcought males often loses their bright colouration in aquariums. Specimens raised in aquarium on the other hand mostly gets their colouration at an early age.

Found at several locations all around the lake in different geographical variants.

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